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Linnane and Company opened for business

in 1997 with a single purpose and mission.

Offer only the best fresh and frozen Australian lamb to every customer every time, including the best grocery stores, markets, restaurant groups, and food service distributors in the industry.


Raised in the prime grazing regions of Australia noted for their superb climate, lush meadows and production of the finest lamb available throughout the world, our lamb is all-natural, free-range, Halal-certified … and second to none in quality, freshness and taste.


Our extensive Australian  lamb product line includes boneless and bone-in legs, frenched racks, loins, square cut shoulders, hindshanks,  diced cubes, carcasses, and tops. 


Like our Australian lamb, we  offer only the best Australian beef as well as New Zealand lamb, which includes a full range of products free of antibiotics and growth hormones.


For those who appreciate New Zealand quality direct for the country’s lush, green pasturelands, our beef items include flank steak, flap meat, knuckles, and cap-off insides and our veal items include legs, bones and shanks. 


Rounding out our impressive product line of premium quality meats are a variety of goat and mutton items from Australia and New Zealand, especially goat cubes and carcasses, as well as mutton legs, carcasses and square cut shoulders.


Not only do we have the finest quality Australian and New Zealand lamb, beef, veal, goat and mutton,  we also offer the highest quality American lamb and veal, along with the unsurpassed quality of our own Halal-certified jumbo quail imported directly from farms in Quebec and Ontario, Canada, and packed under our own Alvor label.    


Topping off our range of tasty and tender range of Alvor products are the best seafood items available in the marketplace.


Imported directly from Portugal, our fish, such as  sardines, horse mackerel, sea bass, redfish, hake, sea bream, and black scabbard is individually quick frozen and packed according to our standards and specifications to ensure that the quality is superior and taste is exceptional.


The same applies to our other many delicious seafood items, including octopus, calamari (squid) rings, cooked and cut squid tentacles, and seafood mix.


If you want the best that nature has to offer, call Linnane and Company today.

We also offer the freshest seafood

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