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Among Portugal’s largest industries, fishing

ranks near the top of the list and it’s easy

to understand the reasons.

Fish not only has been the an important staple in the diet of the Portuguese for centuries, ruins of Roman fish processing facilities also have been found along the entire length of the country’s 600-mile long coastline.


What was once a vital industry more than 1,000 years ago continues to thrive today as the Portuguese are among the world’s largest per capita consumers of fish and a superior source and producer of a variety of fish that the world enjoys … now imported directly from Portugal by Linnane and Company under our own Alvor label.


Among the many species of fish that we import and offer are sardine, mackerel, redfish, black and white scabbard, sea bass, hake, sea bream, cuttlefish and conger eel.


Our imported fish from Portugal is individually quick frozen and packed in 16 or 28 ounce bags under the Alvor label, which is the same label that that we use for our calamari (squid) rings, seafood mix, octopus, and cooked / cut squid tentacles.


Wild caught primarily in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, our fish is flash-frozen and transported to the processing plant, where it is packed for shipment to our cold storage warehouses located across the U.S.


Because our seafood is processed and packed according to our standards and specifications, the quality is outstanding and the taste is exceptional.


Like our lamb, beef, veal, goat, mutton and quail products, our frozen fish and other seafood items from Portugal provide our customers with many delicious dining options and, as always, the best that nature has to offer.


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